Landscaping Supplies in Lincoln, CA

Landscaping bark laid out in a yard in Lincoln, CA

Bark is most commonly and effectively used as a mulch, which is a layer of material applied to the surface of an area of soil. It keeps the soil safe from the cold weather and protects against the scorching sun. Bark provides nutrients to plants as it decomposes. Bark is used for a variety of things. It is most commonly used to make baskets, corks and canoes. It is also very common to find bark in backyards as ground covers to help prevent weeds as well as retain moisture.. Bark provides color to the landscape of you backyard.



Walk on Bark
Lays Flat. Most commonly used in pathways or around shrubs and trees. Great for high traffic areas A combination of small bark and wood fibers. the interlocking of particles provides good erosion control and will stay in place on slopes. It has a natural forest appearance.



Small/Medium Deco Bark
1/2" - 1" Particle size. the most popular size for landscape mulching because of its density and uniformity. Moisture retention and weed retardation is excellent.



Red Bark
Dyed Red . Usually pine. Adds a dramatic look to your landscape



Playground Bark
A resilient surface specifically developed to reduce playground injuries. It is an all natural wood product that is free of chemicals, additives, or foreign matter. Only virgin wood is used in its production never job site limber or pallets. it is cost effective and shock absorbing. our product exceeds CPS recommendation, and meets the new wheelchair accessibility requirements.



Brown Bark
Dyed Brown. Usually pine. Adds a natural look to you landscape



Black Bark
Dyed Black. Usually Pine. Adds A very dramatic look to landscape



Shredded Cedar
Used to retain moisture.
Natural insect repellent.
Great for sloped areas



Medium Bark
Usually outside bark nuggets from Fir Trees. 3/4" - 2" particle size. is ideal for larger foundation planting areas. Conserves moisture and assists in weed control. Particle size is large enough that it will not be affected by wind, making it ideal for the pool area