Medium Deco

Product Detail

As homeowners and landscaping enthusiasts, we know that the perfect outdoor space requires a balance of form and function. And when it comes to choosing the right landscaping material, it’s all about finding a product that can deliver both aesthetic appeal and practical benefits. That’s where the Medium Deco bark landscaping material offered by Lincoln Sand & Rock company in California comes in. This product is designed to bring a touch of sophistication to any outdoor space while still offering a practical solution for suppressing weeds, retaining moisture, and protecting the soil. The Medium Deco bark is made from high-quality, natural wood fibers that are carefully selected to ensure long-lasting beauty and durability.
So whether you’re looking to create a stunning garden or improve the look of your outdoor space, Medium Deco bark landscaping material is the perfect solution. With its natural appearance, low maintenance requirements, and practical benefits, it’s no wonder it’s a top choice among homeowners and landscaping professionals.

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Versatile Usage:
  • Mulching flower beds, shrubbery, and trees
  • Enhancing the visual appeal of pathways and walkways
  • Covering up unsightly soil and retaining moisture in potted plants
Astonishing Benefits:
  • Natural appearance: Medium Deco bark has a natural look and texture that enhances the beauty of any outdoor space.
  • Low maintenance: This product requires little maintenance, making it a convenient and cost-effective solution for homeowners.
  • Weed suppression: The bark’s thickness helps suppress the growth of weeds, reducing the need for frequent weeding and maintenance.
  • Soil protection: The bark acts as a barrier between the soil and the elements, helping to protect against erosion and drying out.


CompositionHigh-quality, natural wood fibers
SizesAverage particle size of 1-3 inches
ColorA mixture of warm, medium browns and reddish hues
Moisture RetentionRetain moisture in the soil
Packagingbulk bags or loose in the yard
SterilizationSterilized to eliminate pathogens and weed seeds