Decomposed Granite (Red)

Product Detail

Decomposed granite (red) from Lincoln Sand & Rocks is a versatile landscaping material that provides a rich and warm aesthetic to any outdoor space. Our high-quality decomposed granite is made from naturally weathered granite and has a beautiful deep red color that adds a unique touch to any project. Its excellent drainage properties also make it an ideal choice for areas that experience heavy rainfall, as it allows water to permeate through easily, preventing erosion and other damage. The uses for this material are virtually endless. It is perfect for residential and commercial applications and can be used in everything from large-scale projects like public parks to small backyard gardens.
Our decomposed granite (red) is easy to install and maintain, and with proper care, it can last for years without needing to be replaced. We guarantee that our product is of the highest quality, and we stand behind our commitment to providing our customers with excellent service and top-of-the-line products.

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Versatile Usage:
  • Ideal for use in paths, patios, and driveways.
  • A popular choice for water features and gardens.
  • Perfect for creating a cohesive look in any landscaping design.
  • Can be used to enhance the look of flower beds or trees.
Astonishing Benefits:
  • Our Decomposed Granite (Red) is incredibly durable and long-lasting, making it a low-maintenance option for any outdoor space.
  • This sand offers excellent drainage, making it ideal for use in areas with heavy rainfall or low-lying areas.
  • It’s a natural weed barrier, keeping your landscaping neat and tidy.
  • This sand is eco-friendly and sustainable, as it’s naturally occurring.


Hardness6-7 on the Mohs hardness scale
PH level
Slightly acidic to neutral (5.0 to 7.0)
PorosityHighly permeable
DurabilityLong-lasting and resistant to erosion
Moisture contentLow to moderate
Composition100% natural crushed granite rock