70/30 Blend

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The 70/30 Blend Soil from Lincoln Sand & Rocks is a must-have for all garden and landscaping enthusiasts. This versatile soil blend provides the perfect balance of organic matter and sand, creating a soil structure that promotes healthy plant growth and enhances the beauty of outdoor spaces. Whether you are planting flowers, shrubs, trees, or vegetables, the 70/30 Blend Soil is the perfect choice to ensure your plants receive all the essential nutrients they need to thrive. It can be used in various soil types, including clay and sandy soils, to improve soil structure and fertility. This makes it ideal for use in all landscaping projects.

So why wait? Let the 70/30 Blend Soil from Lincoln Sand & Rocks help you transform your outdoor spaces into the garden of your dreams. Contact us today to place your order and create your beautiful outdoor oasis!

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Transform Your Outdoor Space with Lincoln Sand & Rocks! Our expert landscaping services will turn your yard into a beautiful oasis. From custom stone pathways to stunning rock gardens, we can design and install the perfect outdoor space for you.
Versatile Usage:
  • Ideal for planting flowers, shrubs, trees, and vegetables
  • Can be used in residential gardens, commercial landscapes, agricultural land, and playgrounds
  • Improving soil structure and fertility
  • Ideal for use in areas with limited rainfall
  • Creating a beautiful and thriving garden or landscape
  • Transforming outdoor spaces into a garden oasis
  • Suitable for a wide range of plants and soil types
Astonishing Benefits:
  • Provides the perfect balance of organic matter and sand for healthy plant growth
  • Versatile and can be used in a variety of soil types
  • Uniform particle size and lack of rocks and clumps for optimal plant growth
  • Designed to retain moisture for hydrated plants
  • Neutral pH level suitable for a wide range of plants
  • Enhance the beauty of outdoor spaces


Composition70% organic material and 30% sand
Particle SizeUniform particle size
Moisture RetentionRetains moisture for optimum hydration
PH LevelNeutral, suitable for a wide range of plants
Nutrient ContentEssential nutrients, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium
PackagingBulk or bags
AvailabilityYear-round availability