Growers Blend

Product Detail

Looking for a soil that will bring life to your plants and enhance their growth? Look no further than our Growers Blend Soil! This soil is specially crafted for growers and gardeners who want the best for their plants. Transform your outdoor space with Lincoln Sand & Rocks’ Growers Blend Soil. With its rich nutrients and organic matter, your plants will thrive, and your outdoor space will be transformed into a beautiful and lush garden. Growers Blend Soil is perfect for indoor as well as outdoor large-scale areas. This soil also helps retain moisture and reduces water runoff, ensuring that your plants receive the right water for optimal growth.

Not only does our Growers Blend Soil provide the ideal environment for plants to grow, but it also adds beauty and texture to any outdoor space. Get your hands on this amazing product today!

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Versatile Usage:
  • Ideal for large-scale farming projects
  • Perfect for growing vegetables and fruits
  • Can be used for landscaping and garden bed preparation
  • Can be mixed with existing soil to improve fertility
  • Ideal for planting trees and shrubs
Astonishing Benefits:
  • Promotes strong root development
  • Retains moisture for longer periods
  • Enriched with essential nutrients for plant growth
  • Aids in soil aeration
  • Helps control soil pH levels
  • Encourages efficient drainage


CompositionPremium-quality tree bark
SizeAvailable in multiple sizes to suit your needs
ColorBlack and brown
Moisture RetentionRetain moisture in the soil
TemperatureRegulate soil temperature and protect roots
WeedingPrevent weed growth
HandlingEasy to use