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Get the job done right with our reliable and affordable rental equipment!

The Best Powerful Equipment For Every Job

Looking for reliable and robust equipment to get the job done right? Look no further than Lincoln Sand & Rock! We offer a wide selection of rental equipment built to handle any task. Our rental inventory includes everything from tractors, hay balers, and front-end loaders to chainsaws, post-hole diggers, and livestock trailers. Whether you’re a farmer, rancher, or DIY enthusiast, our rental tools and equipment are designed to help you tackle any project with ease and efficiency. At Lincoln Sand & Rock, all our rental equipment is well-maintained and regularly serviced to ensure maximum performance and reliability. We also offer flexible rental options to fit your project timeline and budget, with daily, weekly, and monthly rental periods available.

Affordable Solutions For Your Project Needs

Check out our extensive list of rental products at Lincoln Sand & Rock. Our inventory includes a wide range of equipment designed to help you tackle any task, from farm and ranch machinery to construction tools and equipment.


Used for tilling, plowing, harvesting, and transporting equipment

Hay Balers

Used for baling hay and straw for animal feed

Front-End Loaders

Used for loading and moving heavy materials

Seed Drills

Used for planting seeds in rows


Used for breaking up soil and removing weeds

Fertilizer Spreaders

Used for spreading fertilizer over a large area

Manure Spreaders

Used for spreading manure over fields

Irrigation Systems

Used for watering crops


Used for cutting down trees and trimming branches

Post Hole Diggers

Used for digging holes for fence posts and other structures

Livestock Trailers

Used for transporting animals

Feed Mixers

Used for mixing and grinding animal feed

Grain Bins

Used for storing grain

Animal Handling Equipment

Used for safely handling and restraining livestock, such as chutes, gates, and panels

Electric Fence Chargers

Used for powering electric fences to keep animals contained.

Affordable Solutions For Your Project Needs

Get the job done right with our reliable and affordable rental equipment!