Rock-Solid To Endure Extremities Of Time

We have long assisted homeowners, architects, builders, interior designers, and contractors in carving their ideas into beautiful settings for life.

Our Eminent Offerings

We provide a wealth of information, ideas, and guidance to assist you in making a confident choice when it comes to the ideal decorative rock, building stone, or landscape material with our “JUST PERFECT” assortment.


Compositions that are great for residential or commercial gardening, blended with the proper amount of planting grass and overseed mix..

Bark Mulch

Fresh bark mulch in shades of black or brown can be used around plants and flowers to help keep moisture while suppressing weeds.


Lincoln's Natural Sand can be spread or sprinkled, layered or tiered, or used to create the ideal planting media for various shrubs.

Decorative Rocks

We combine excellent craftsmanship to provide diverse decorative rocks in various sizes that can be blended and delivered.

Construction Rocks

We offer diverse construction rocks ideal for various applications, from road building and landscaping to concrete production and erosion control.


As a family-owned and operated business, Lincoln Sand & Rock understands the importance of having a beautiful outdoor space that brings joy and comfort to your life.

We Are The #1 Suppliers Of Landscape Materials In California

We have been providing landscaping solutions to homeowners and contractors across the south and southwest areas. Whatever your landscaping project, Lincoln Sand & Rock is your one-stop shop for all the hardscape materials, whether you decide to do it yourself or hire a professional to install it.
Discover the elegance of Hardscaping!
- Residential Settings
We can assist you in uplifting the value of your house by creating efficient and aesthetically pleasing hardscape designs. Homeowners might dismay to forgo investing in our artistic plans, given their many advantages. Our substantial hardscaping materials make it easy to raise the deal of your home.
Create Venues That Truly Wow Clients!
- Commercial Settings
For our clients, we never run out of hardscaping ideas. Our expertise in a range of hardscaping materials will turn your vision for an outdoor setting into a reality. Romantic stairways and stone walkways are excellent ways to express the space's individuality, offering visitors an expressive view.

A Sustainable Designing Approach

It’s time to put the proverbial advice to “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle” into action!

Deters Harmful Emissions

Saves Maintenance Costs

Naturally Sourced Materials