Black Or Brown Bark (Chip)

Product Detail

Are you tired of dull and lacklustr outdoor spaces? Lincoln Sand & Rock has the solution for you! Our Black or Brown Bark (Chip) is a premium quality landscaping material that will bring new life to your gardens and outdoor areas. This versatile product transforms your outdoor spaces into beautiful, functional, low-maintenance oases. Our mulch product is the perfect solution for any outdoor space, whether you have a sprawling garden or a small patio. This bark mulch ensures that it’s both beautiful, functional, and essential to any landscaping project. With its high-quality composition, attractive color options, and essential nutrient content, our bark mulch is ideal for anyone looking to transform their outdoor spaces.
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Versatile Usage:
  • Spread over the soil in the garden to create a beautiful and natural ground cover.
  • Used to create beautiful, low-maintenance pathways.
  • Utilized to enhance the appearance of plant beds and flower gardens.
Astonishing Benefits:
  • Bark mulch helps to reduce weed growth, saving you time and effort in maintaining your garden.
  • Regulates soil temperature and moisture levels, which is crucial for the health of your plants.
  • Adds a rich, natural look to your landscapes, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your outdoor spaces.


CompositionBark chips and wood fibers
SizeNitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium
ColorBlack and brown
Moisture RetentionRetain moisture in the soil
TemperatureRegulate soil temperature and protect roots
AvailabilityAll sizes in all seasons
SterilizationSterilized to eliminate pathogens and weed seeds