Play Bark

Product Detail

Introducing Play Bark, the all-natural and safe landscaping material by Lincoln Sand & Rock. This high-quality bark mulch is perfect for creating a safe and fun play area for children while providing a natural look and feels to your outdoor space. Made from 100% natural bark, Play Bark is an excellent alternative to traditional rubber playground mulch. Its soft and cushiony surface provides a safer alternative for playgrounds, parks, and other recreational areas. With Play Bark, you can enhance your outdoor space with a versatile landscaping material that helps prevent weed growth and soil erosion while providing a visually appealing and natural look.
The natural brown color of Play Bark blends seamlessly with your surroundings and creates a safe and natural-looking outdoor space for children and families.

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Versatile Usage:
  • Ideal for use in playgrounds, parks, and other recreational areas
  • Can be used as a decorative landscaping mulch, creating a natural look and feel to your outdoor space
  • Helps to prevent weed growth and soil erosion
Astonishing Benefits:
  • Made from 100% natural bark, Play Bark is eco-friendly and sustainable
  • Provides a soft and cushiony surface that helps to absorb impact, making it safer than traditional playground surfaces
  • Helps to prevent injuries, while also providing a natural and visually appealing look to your outdoor space
  • Non-toxic and safe for children to play on


Composition100% natural bark
Environmental ImpactFree of harmful chemicals and safe for children and pets
Moisture contentContains around 25% moisture
ColorNatural brown color
PH levelRanges from 5.0 to 6.0
StorageStore in a cool, dry place to prevent mold and decay